Types of Surveys

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A set of standards set by the American Land Title Association to meet the needs of title insurance matters. ALTA/ACSM Surveys also recognized local and state standards that are incorporated in the surveys. ALTA/ACSM Surveys have optional survey responsibilities and specifications listed on Table ‘A’ that need to be reviewed by the client. At the request of the client, selected items on Table ‘A’ will be included in the survey.

Land Survey or Boundary Survey:
A survey made to establish or to reestablish ownership lines on the ground from a recorded deed. Existing monumentation, section corners and set property corners are measured and drawn on a legal size drawing or larger showing length and direction of the property lines.

  • Parcel Split: Creating a parcel from a parent parcel and preparing a description of the new parcel as instructed by the owner meeting township and county ordinances.
  • Lot Survey: Survey of a lot in a recorded subdivision drawn on a legal size paper or larger showing measured and record dimensions, easements from the plat that affect our lot and found or set monuments.

Location Report
The location of a foundation is measured and drawn to show location in relation to the property lines prior to completion of the structure. As mentioned above lending institutions generally request this type of survey.

  • Building Location Report: Buildings and driveways are drawn to show location in relation to the property lines. Title companies and lending institutions may need this type of survey to verify that there are no structures beyond the property lines and that the position of the structures are generally within the building set back lines according to local zoning ordinances.

Topographic Survey:
A survey to determine the relief of the ground surface. This can be done for a portion of land where needed or for a subdivision lot. Also included in this survey can be the location of buildings, visible utilities, driveways and trees if requested.
Elevation Certificate:
According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency the Elevation Certificate is to be used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances, to determine the proper insurance premium rate and to support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment or Revision. Generally this certificate is used for flood insurance purposes where the lowest floor and lowest adjacent grade elevations are certified by a surveyor or engineer. These elevations will aid in determining if any structures are below or above the established floodplain elevation.

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